Melting Snowman

aa melting

When I saw this adorable Melted Snowman project on The Devine Home, I knew this would be perfect for our Georgia home.  My four year old and I had lots of fun making it! First, pour a couple cups of sugar onto a domed cake platter.  Then pick out 5 black and 1 orange button [...]

Home-Spun Holiday Traditions

aa homespun

This post is part of the Home-Spun Holidays blog carnival, which is being held at Mentoring Moments for Christian Women.  The theme of the carnival is to share the simple, inexpensive things you do at home to make the Christmas season memorable.  On my Counter-cultural Mom blog, I’ve shared some of the ways we celebrate [...]

Geocaching Birthday Party

aa geocache party

We recently had a birthday party for two of our boys. They wanted to do a geocaching theme. If you missed my post a few weeks ago about Geocaching and Letterboxing, you can read it here. Geocaching (pronounced “Geo-cash-ing”) is a form of treasure hunting which relies on a hand-held GPS unit for finding treasure [...]

Gingerbread Houses part 2: Decorating

aa ging

We decorated the gingerbread houses yesterday. We constructed them in advance and allowed them to sit overnight so they would be set. To decorate the houses, make up another large batch of frosting, adjusting this recipe as needed, based on the number of houses you are covering. Frosting “glue” recipe: 1 lb. powdered sugar 3 [...]

Gingerbread Houses part 1: Construction

aa ging 1

We are better! Everyone was feeling fine today. Our family has been sick since before Thanksgiving, so we’ll be playing catch-up this week with some of our favorite holiday activities. Last year we made gingerbread houses for the first time. Everyone had so much fun that we immediately decided it should become a yearly tradition. [...]

Favorite Resources for Thanksgiving

ccs Thanksgiving The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth by Jennie Brownscombe, public domain image (1)

We love Thanksgiving! I take the opportunity every year to help my children gain an appreciation for our nation, which was founded by Christians seeking freedom from religious persecution. Here are some of the resources we are using in our family. Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford Every year we read an excerpt from this [...]

The Jesse Tree

ccs jesse tree

  The Jesse tree is a neat way to help our children see the continuity between the Old and New Testament. All of the Old Testament points forward to Jesus, the centerpiece of human history. The Jesse tree takes its name from Isaiah 11:1, which says “A shoot will come up from the stump of [...]

Using an Advent Wreath

ccs advent wreath boys

We enjoy using an Advent Wreath during our Christmas season devotions. The advent wreath is somewhat similar to the Advent calendar, in that it marks the passage of time, from the first Sunday in the season until Christmas day. We light the Advent candles before beginning devotions. The children love the flickering candles and it [...]

Advent Wreath Devotions

ccs Advent wreath public domain image

  Advent is celebrated on the four Sundays before Christmas, with the fifth candle being lit on Christmas Day. Each week is an opportunity to focus on a different aspect of Christ’s birth, with appropriate scriptures and songs. Here is one suggestion for family devotions with an Advent wreath. First Sunday of Advent On the [...]

Making or Purchasing an Advent Wreath

ccs Adventný_veniec_I, public domain

We use an Advent Wreath every year during our Christmas season family devotions. For more articles about Advent, go to my Counter-Cultural mom blog.   The Advent wreath can be purchased or made from real or artificial evergreen boughs. Traditionally, it holds 4 candles on the wreath and one in the center. We arrange our Advent [...]